July 20, 2024

Native English Speaking Translator Proficient in Northern Vietnamese

We are culturally adapting a questionnaire related to autism symptoms in young children for publication.  The method we are using recommends a native English speaker do the back translation into English. We are currently recruiting such a person.  Please also see our website at health-action.org.

Required skills:

  • Native English speaking professional translator
  • Ability to effectively translate from Northern Vietnamese into English

Preferred experience:

  • Understanding of terms used for early childhood development and autism

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Provide translation of a document from Northern Vietnamese to English
  • You may be asked to join our subject matter expert committee (your expertise being translation)

Please provide the following:

  • A brief description of how you fit our criteria
  • Your billing rate of 350 words/page
  • If you would be willing to do any volunteer work in the future

Work will be done remotely.  Pease email your information to Colin Ohrt at Colin@health-action.org  .  You can also reach him by Zalo at +84769092856 .

Organisation Name: Consortium for Health Action

Location: Hanoi

Application Deadline: 15 Jan 2023

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