May 25, 2024

Audit Service for Project Prosperous Farmers and Forests Partnership (PFFP)

WWF-VIET NAM: CALL FOR PROPOSALS – “Audit Service for Project Prosperous Farmers and Forests Partnership (PFFP)”

WWF-Viet Nam, PFFP Project would like to request proposals from eligible auditing firms who are interested in providing a professional service in auditing a project managed by WWF-Viet Nam.

Details of the ToR and instructions can be found at:—Audit-Service-for-Project-Prosperous-Farmers-and-Forests-Partnership-PFFP


Interested auditing firms submit proposals to WWF-Viet Nam via email to: , and copy to: , with the title “FY24-1079-Proposal Submission-[name of company]- Audit Service for Project “Prosperous Farmers and Forests Partnership” (PFFP)”. Minimum compositions of the Proposal are as follows:

  1. Proposal Cover Letter signed by a person authorized to sign on behalf of the Company;
  2. CVs & Summary of relevant experience and projects;
  3. Technical Approach/Proposal for completing the deliverables;
  4. Work plan;
  5. Financial proposal;
  6. Scan/photocopy of Business Registration Certificate, Company Profile, document proving the finalization of tax obligations.

Interested Companies are recommended to use attached forms to structure your Proposal.

Only the shortlists will be contacted. The deadline for receiving applications is 17:00 of January 11 2024.

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